Someones turned the heating up!!!

My hooman has been running around like a mad thing today, she was collar making as soon as we got back from our early morning walk, she’s had to go to the teeth doctor and the post office to post some collars and now she’s gone to work 😦 Good job she has someone to look after me or I would just be left with Floyd for company and I would probably go mad! She brings us chicken too as a bribe which isn’t so bad.
I’ve not been able to get on here to tell you all of my woes for a few days cos Mum’s running a #dogoftheday competition and the blogs been full of pictures of other dogs (Imposters) I have my own personal favourites of course but I’m not allowed to tell.
Anyway back to me and what about this heat the last couple of weeks. Even Floyd has had to be kept on his lead to stop him getting too excited and bursting a blood vessel. He drank three bowls of water yesterday when we came home, no thought for me of course! I usually tend to take things easy anyway so I quite enjoy snoozing in the shade.
My mum has been really cross the last few days at some things she’s been reading on the interweb about people leaving their dogs in cars. I can’t believe they would do such a thing it’s so cruel . I’m glad we haven’t got a car, not that me and Floyd would get in it if we had as we have apparently got a severe drooling problem. (I don’t know what she means)
My dad was supposed to be home today and I was really looking forward to it cos he makes the bbq smell lovely and I sit by his side with the “please give me a sausage look” on my face until he gives in, but he works on the Oil rigs and it’s foggy out in the North Sea so the helicopters can’t pick him up 😦
Still I have my Mum and my Aunty Karen to give me cuddles and Floyd to keep me amused (He got stung yesterday, I know I shouldn’t laugh but he was hilarious and I don’t think it hurt him too much ) He nearly got his head stuck in the fence trying to scratch his lips. Remember keep those water bowls full, make sure us Dogs have some shade and you could try making these yummy frozen treats to keep your best friend happy!!
Make chicken or beef stock with some little bits of meat and vegetables in it and freeze in lollipop holders
Try mixing a cup of Peanut butter with a large carton of yoghurt and a mashed banana. freeze in ice cube trays or cup cake cases
Did someone say treats!!!

Did someone say treats!
Did someone say treats!


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