Sore Paw Saturday

Its been a peculiar day today,  was up the park this morning and I injured myself twice and would you believe it my Mum killed herself laughing both times.  I mean I just didn’t see the funny! The first time me and Floyd (THE EEJIT) well we have this game where we charge at each other and swerve at the last minute sometimes I jump over him what with him being a midget boxer(It makes me look quite athletic) . Anyway today I goes to jump he switches direction and I end up doing a double somersault into the bushes. As if that wasnt undignified enough for a lady such as myself I sees the hated crows tormenting me from the top of a hill. So as any self respecting dog would I goes haring after them. Only to find out on the top of the hill is one of those little human slides. You can guess this ends badly-crows in the air and me, legs akimbo bobsleighing down the damn thing. I hurts my paw and, looking for some sympathy goes slinking back to my human only to find her doubled over making the strangest noises known to dog!!! Pfft what’s the number for the RSPCA!
Anyway we came home where tripe and kidneys helped me recover and I am now lying recuperating in the sun while the human sits making new collars at the sewing machine in the garden to keep me company, glass of wine nearby so all in all its turned out ok. Think I’ll take it steady tomorrow tho



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