Hitting the Bottle

Great Idea!!!!


Bottle3 thek9harperlee

From time to time, I like to hit the bottle. Oh goodness, I don’t think that came out right. What I meant to say is that I like to play with empty water bottle toys. Although Hedgehog and Cow and a few of my other stuffed squeaky toys do occasionally have to be admitted to Squeaky Toy Hospital, I am generally pretty kind to stuffed toys. Empty water bottle toys are another story entirely. I just cannot get enough of that crunching plastic sound. I will chew and chew and chew and then–sometimes in a matter of minutes–that cute little outside covering is in tatters. Yes, I have ripped the tails from empty water bottle squirrels and removed the cute little noses from empty water bottle puppies. I just cannot help myself. My mommy decided that buying those cute little covers was a complete waste of money, but she didn’t want…

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