Mum’s busy collar making again so since my


Mum’s busy collar making again so since my last blog was so successful she’s decided to let me have another go. But what to write about?

There’s a decidedly patriotic feel around our house at the moment. There was Haggis for tea last night and there is tartan strewn everywhere for Snoopy’s Collars new range with detachable bow ties. Both Mum and Dad are from a small town on the west coast of Scotland and I was born in Peterhead although I don’t remember much about the place.

So what do we know about Scotland that would be of interest to us dogs? Firstly 24% of households own a dog and quite a few breeds originated from North of the wall (Been watching too much Game of Thrones) Collies, Rough, Smooth Bearded and Border and their mini me the Shetland sheepdog. The Scottish Deerhound, Gordon Setter, Golden Retriever and a long list of terriers including, The Border Terrier, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Westie and of course The Scottish Terrier. Scottie’s are an independent and rugged breed with a wiry outer coat and a soft dense undercoat. Nicknamed “the diehard.” The modern breed is said to be able to trace its lineage back to a single female, named Splinter II.

They are a small breed of terrier with a distinctive shape and have had many roles in popular culture. They have been owned by a variety of celebrities, including Franklyn D Roosevelt who’s Scottie “Fala” is included with FDR in a statue in Washington, DC, They are also well known for being a playing piece in Monopoly.

I think the thing about Scotland I like the most (apart from the whiskey) is the walks,Scotland Whether it’s watching the salmon flying from the side of a river or walking miles along sandy beaches and over the hills there are lots of rabbits and interesting smells I’m sure. Mum say’s Scotland is really pet friendly and there are lots of Hotels and places that cater for us and our humans. Check out it’s a great site that gives lots of information about walks. I quite fancy Aros Park a gorgeous woodland walk on the Isle of Mull.Arros Park

Talking about walks I think it’s time my Mum finished sewing and took me to the park, before we curl up on the sofa to watch Braveheart. So to finish I will leave you with a poem about dogs from some famous Scottish poet you might have heard of called Rabbie Burns.



The Twa Dogs
Robert Burns

A Tale

‘Twas in that place o’ Scotland’s isle,
That bears the name o’ auld King Coil,
Upon a bonnie day in June,
When wearin’ thro’ the afternoon,
Twa dogs, that were na thrang at hame,
Forgather’d ance upon a time.

The first I’ll name, they ca’d him Caesar,
Was keepit for His Honor’s pleasure:
His hair, his size, his mouth, his lugs,
Shew’d he was nane o’ Scotland’s dogs;
But whalpit some place far abroad,
Whare sailors gang to fish for cod.

His locked, letter’d, braw brass collar
Shew’d him the gentleman an’ scholar;
But though he was o’ high degree,
The fient a pride, nae pride had he;
But wad hae spent an hour caressin,
Ev’n wi’ al tinkler-gipsy’s messin:
At kirk or market, mill or smiddie,
Nae tawted tyke, tho’ e’er sae duddie,
But he wad stan’t, as glad to see him,
An’ stroan’t on stanes an’ hillocks wi’ him.

The tither was a ploughman’s collie-
A rhyming, ranting, raving billie,
Wha for his friend an’ comrade had him,
And in freak had Luath ca’d him,
After some dog in Highland Sang,^2
Was made lang syne,-Lord knows how lang.

He was a gash an’ faithfu’ tyke,
As ever lap a sheugh or dyke.
His honest, sonsie, baws’nt face
Aye gat him friends in ilka place;
His breast was white, his touzie back
Weel clad wi’ coat o’ glossy black;
His gawsie tail, wi’ upward curl,
Hung owre his hurdie’s wi’ a swirl.


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