Raw Food Diet for Dogs



There has been much debate about this recently and after doing extensive research I have become a convert. Feeding your dog food which is as close as possible to their natural diet has got to be a good thing. Processed dog foods consist mostly of filler foods such as grains, rice and soy which can be indigestible to dogs and are not part of their natural diet. These foods can cause health problems in pets and, in some cases, severe allergies. These commercial dog foods contain a host of other chemicals as well, some of which are dangerous. Some, such as stool-hardeners, are added to cover up the fact that dogs obviously have a hard time digesting the food.


The two main reasons we feed our pets canned food are convenience and expense but with a little planning and a freezer you can feed your best friend a healthy balanced diet on a budget with very little effort. Never be tempted to put your dog on a “low fat” diet like a human. Dogs need LOTS of fats to stay healthy. This is good for you because it means you get to choose the cheapest meat cuts.raw food  

I own two boxers and per month I usually get 40lb of various minced/diced meats including, turkey, venison, lamb, pheasant and tripe I supplement this with various raw bones, (never cooked bones as they can splinter) chicken carcasses salmon chunks, offal and vegetables. This usually costs around £25pm each which is around the same price as a can a day + mixer


Some great veggies to include are green beans, peas, carrots, spinach, kale, squashes, turnips, radishes, apples, berries, beets, courgettes and cabbage. I also include a teaspoon of cod liver oil and a few herbs and spices such as garlic (small amount fresh 1 to 2 cloves) parsley, basil, cinnamon, turmeric, flax seeds and caraway seeds. I put the veggies in my food processor so they are really finely chopped to mix in well with the ground meat.


I also make them treats with cheese, yoghurt and peanut butter which they love and over the last couple of months have seen a big improvement in their coats, poos and general well-being. I too am happy knowing I am giving my dogs natural healthy food which they love!


This is a fantastic cool treat for hot afternoons.  This dog treat recipe is quick, easy and sure to delight!


32-oz container of vanilla yogurt (if you’re watching your pooch’s waistline, make it fat free)
1 cup smooth peanut butter


In a microwaveable bowl, microwave the peanut butter until it is melted.

When it’s melted, add the yogurt and mix well.

Spoon the mixture into paper muffin liners or a muffin tin.

Freeze until hardened.


2 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet for Dogs

  1. I can see you’re just starting out discovering the benefits of a canine consuming mostly raw food. I and my dog are now experienced with about 9 months of a raw diet. I feed her (Golden Retriever – 10 years old) twice daily … her breakfast normally includes: 4oz. raw grass-fed Bison meat, 1-1/2cups cooked organic Quinoa & about 1cup raw organic string beans … her dinner is the same except only 1/3cup Quinoa + about 1 med-large cooked organic sweet potato. Plus a host of vitamins + supplements including Kelp.
    The change in her coat is just incredible, not to mention her physical ability (she can jump approx. 4′ high in the air over a fence e.g.)
    But what I’d like to do is find a recipe of ingredients to bake her dog biscuits. Do you have one?…Ted

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