My name is Roxy and I am a 6 year old Boxer and I own the creator of Snoopy’s collars. My human is busy making collars at the moment so I thought I would introduce you to my little brother Floyd-I was 3 when he arrived and everyone was a bit worried about bringing him home because I can be a bit grumpy sometimes but I soon took the little fella under my paw.

Things didn’t work out quite as I’d planned with the little blighter though (he’s a bit simple) At ten weeks old we were playing in the garden when he broke his leg,(nothing to do with me)  I have never heard such a heartbreaking noise and it got me in quite a panic I can tell you. Of course he wouldn’t keep his bandage on and although the nice Vet lady said he had to rest he was just a baby and still wanted to play which involved me getting shouted at quite a lot for being a bit rough (I’m a bit of a tomboy)

The thing about Floyd is he is very very annoying, He’s never grown properly and is scared of his own shadow (though strangely not the lawnmower, which I’m personally terrified of) For example I’ll be having 40 winks  (I like sleeping!) when all hell breaks loose in the kitchen, Of course I have to charge in to see what the commotion is I mean a bird or even worse a cat might be stealing my food! No!! A leaf has blown in the back door or someones rattled a carrier bag and Floyd has careened into the mop bucket, the dog bowls, the door and me. He’s a proper numpty!

Another thing about Floyd which is annoying is the way he always sits and lies on top of me I mean I wouldn’t mind but he farts something terrible. Before he arrived I used to sleep in bed with my humans, We would have lazy weekend lie ins with me sprawled across the duvet and them hanging off the edge of the bed. Now we sleep in the Kitchen because Floyd kept them awake all night jumping on and off the bed and sitting on their heads.   Every morning at 6.30 Floyd starts barking to wake up the house. So as my mum stumbles bleary eyed into the kitchen Floyd bounces around like Tigger on hot coals getting all tangled in his lead and generally barging everyone out of the way while I’m still trying to catch some zzzz’s!

So it’s 7.00am and we are in the park, me plodding along sedately and Floyd charging about like a maniac. He loves balls and it’s not unusual to see him doing a couple of somersaults or backflips in pursuit of happiness (No wonder the fool broke his leg) Me, I don’t chase balls I just like to sit on them so nobody else can get them but no that’s not allowed and it’s all “Poor Floyd, Roxy stop being spiteful (Who me???)  and let him have the ball” while he’s barking constantly in my ears until I give it up!

Back home it’s chow time (My favourite time of the day and so what if I could stand to lose a few pounds) I just need to rattle the bowls a bit and Floyd’s off in a panic  leaving me with the spoils haha,  until the humans come to chase me away and sit with the “poor mite” while he gets his share!!!

He’s not all bad though my little brother, ocassionally when I’m in the mood to play he’s great fun and always up for a roll around play fighting (I always win) and when we’ve been out in the rain he always drys me with his tongue which I rather like especially behind the ears! Most of all as my humans are so fond of saying he hasn’t got a bad bone in his body, he’s always happy (even if it is from very early in the morning grrr!)  and when it’s cold and he’s curled up next to me there’s no place else I’d rather be.


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