Wolf Totem

Wolves are stunningly beautiful

King of the Currumpaw

Wolf Totem

2014 marks the release of a film called, Wolf Totem, based on the novel by Jiang Rong (Lu Jiamin). The book’s wild success in China reveals that it is not only the United States that has a paralyzing ambivalence when it comes to the radical ecological changes that beset the next few generations. Ultimately, the tome of over five hundred pages (english hardback edition) proved to be political, violent , preachy, informative, full of beautiful description, desperate and sad, and ultimately visual and moving for me. The warnings that it evokes will likely fall unheeded by those uninterested in its arguments, but Wolf Totem can stand on its own as a wildlife adventure novel or as an elegy to the Mongolian grasslands and will not fade from the collective conscience, especially China’s, for some time. In fact, its radical success evidences growing concerns about sustainability, agricultural capacity and…

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