Romeo and a yellow Lab

I love this story and they have finally released a book about Romeo!

Natural History

Not all wolf and dog interactions are adversarial.

Take the story of Romeo.

Romeo was a black wolf who liked to hang out at the Mendenhall Lake near Juneau, Alaska.

Lots of people walked their dogs there, and Romeo joined up with them.

According to most stories, Romeo lost his mate, and then he tried to bond with a female Labrador retriever that was brought to the lake on a regular basis.

He eventually extended his friendship toward virtually all dogs that were walked there.

In 2010, Romeo went missing.

Although his exact fate has never been confirmed, it has been claimed that a hunter killed Romeo.

But while he was alive, Romeo’s interaction with many different domestic dogs became something of an internet sensation.

A simple Google Image search for “Romeo the wolf” will reveal dozens of photos of a striking black wolf standing next to an assortment of…

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